Black truffle carpaccio from Molise
  • Black truffle carpaccio from Molise

Black Truffle carpaccio from Molise


Black truffle carpaccio from Molise, in extra-virgin olive oil, a delicacy with an excellent taste.

Slices selected from perfect and intact truffles, an ideal condiment for first courses and second courses of meat and fish.

Packaging: 50 g.

The Molise truffle carpaccio is prepared with highly selected ingredients and processed with care and attention, in order to see it as a product of excellence.

This tasty delicacy will allow you to savor the excellence of the Molise black truffle, one of a kind with an enveloping scent.

The carpaccio will give a touch of originality to your recipes to make them unique, the aromas will be able to satisfy and conquer even the most demanding palates.

The preparation of the carpaccio is made with 100% Black Summer Truffle (Tuber EAestivum Vitt.) from Molise, also known as "Scorzone", preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

The black summer truffle of Molise, given its organoleptic characteristics, lends itself very well to this type of processing.