Base Pizza Napoletana con cornicione
  • Base Pizza Napoletana con cornicione

Base Pizza Napoletana con cornicione

Base Pizza, like the Neapolitan pizza with a high and honeycombed crust.
The slow leavening of the dough, at least 24 hours, during cooking makes the pizza base fragrant and crunchy.

Packaging: 1 pack (2 bases)

Neapolitan pizza base with cornice, the artisan pizza base, with wood pre-cooking.

The pizza base with honeycomb crust is the starting point for preparing homemade pizza, like a real Neapolitan pizza.

You have the Neapolitan pizza base at home, always ready, without waiting for the preparation and leavening times, then with the advice of the pizza maker, you can prepare an excellent margherita pizza in a few minutes.

The preparation of Neapolitan pizza is made with selected raw materials, from flour to EVO oil, Matese water, craftsmanship, wood pre-cooking, are the prerequisites for an excellent Neapolitan pizza.

Packaging in a protective atmosphere

Keep tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.

After opening, keep the product in the refrigerator at +2°/+4°, consume within 2 days.

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